This site is mostly filled with free information that can be useful for any dog owner or organization.  There is no need to register to learn from this site.  We are here to help you first and foremost!

We have some protected content in our members' area that involves more advanced training that is not complete enough to responsibly open up to the public without the support of the training community.

Registration allows users a safe place to store training information at various privacy levels for their own dogs and have access to a community of helpful dog trainers and dog owners.  Profiles, albums, groups, and friendships can be formed in our members area.  Here, you can post questions on the forums and chat, in real time, with other members.  To see everything that members can do click here.

Membership helps with our cost to run the best moderated private training community on the internet.  We appreciate your support.

If you join and decide to troll, spam, or argue across the site, your account will be canceled and you will lose your $7.  Consider it a clean up fee to remove the vandalism.

Together the community will remain advocates for truth, proper training, respectful behavior, and of most of all... our dogs.  Cancellation can be done with one click inside the members area and any respectful member of the community that does not like the site can request a hassle free refund within 60 days of joining.

Have fun and enjoy your membership!

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