• Bridgette and Elvis posted an update 1 month ago

    So much is new. I do have a question about toothpaste. I’ve noticed Elvis needs a little work on his teeth and I watched the video. It does not state what brand of toothpaste I should use , or what ingredients I don’t want to use. Products state they are safe for dogs but sometimes they aren’t. Thanks

    • Judy replied 1 month ago

      The best thing for teeth and health in general is prevention. Commercial dog foods can do a number on our dogs teeth but at the same time do add convenience. Although I do give my dog a high quality dog kibble mixed with water at times, typically his diet consists of mainly raw food and bones. This naturally keeps his teeth clean and fresh. Ripping meat apart and chewing on bones has kept him plaque free thus far as he is not a dog that would allow me to easily brush his teeth.

      Most enzymatic dog toothpastes should be ok. Zyletol is not good for dogs and if found in many human products and is why you should use one specifically formulated for dogs. I understand the concern and I would likely come up with my own recipe so to speak. Coconut oil is a good antibacterial, antifungal agent and can be used to brush with. You can add things like a drop of tea tree oil or parsley, turmeric or a pinch of cloves. You could add some flavor your dog likes if needed.

      If your dog has plaque build up you will likely need an enzymatic paste to help break it up. If the plaque build up becomes extensive sometimes a dental cleaning at the veterinarian is needed to scrape the hardened plaque off.

      Dental health is very important because if there is too much plaque later decay and periodontal disease can cause bacteria build up to enter into the blood stream.

      It’s a good idea to make sure your dog has things he can chew on as well that will help with dental health. Asses your dogs teeth and see which course of action you feel is best at this time and then work on as much prevention as you can. 🙂