• Bridgette and Elvis posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Elvis and I have been working on his scent training to fight winter blues. So far he gets a treat when he smells the vile. What is the next step?

    • Hi Bridgette and Elvis,
      Add another vile but empty (zero odour) and reward as per usual (on the vile with odour), this will allow him to gain further understanding of the scent article through discrimination. Once they gain association add another empty vile, to increase difficulty. but play with it. theres so many variable with scent work its awesome and why i love it so much.
      if you already at this stage my apologies, if you are following the scent detection training methods Mike and Judy detail in the video instruction you cannot go wrong found here:
      I could literally go on and on about this stuff haha!!!!

      Have fun!!!