desmonstration of how I trained phrase1 sit

Step1 Marking - by first giving dog name, command, lure, mark "good dog" when dog is in the correct position sit, then release of treat. You can for the first few reps not give the command if you prefer to know for sure that the dog will predictably offer the sit behaviour when being lured.

Step 2 The Fading – The goal is to eventually eliminate the need for the lure of body movement and the dog to be doing the sit for the verbal command.

Fading - name, command "sit", less movement of the lure body language on each rep, mark "good dog" when dog is in correct position of sitting, bring & give treat.

Step 3 Variable rewards – is where we are not food treating the dog every time. The goal is the dog will be doing the command for the positive marker of “good dog”.

Name, command "sit", mark the correct position when dog sits with praise "good girl" and a pat/love instead of treat. Alternate the treat occasionally with the patting/love until the dog is doing the sit consistently with only using the praise marker "good girl".


I did make a mistake of using the "no" which is not taught until the phrase2 training of teaching the dog what a correction is... I pick up my error with the second time the dog did the incorrect behaviour and just reset the command for her to try again withholding the treat for the correct behaviour.

I’ve also realise my training of phrase1 sit is based on the video I watched in Phrase1 instruction videos instead of following the command chart.

Duration - silent stay of holding the position longer.

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