Lexi Onida

Black Mouth Cur

She is very energetic 7 week old with a high prey drive. She is all puppy with few of her breed specific behaviors visible. She is just learning about the world.

Took several years to find her and currently plan to just observe for the next couple of weeks; giving her a chance to settle in, getting to know us, as well as us learning her while play training. We all had a long ride getting back home.

Was rather impressed she only had one accident in the car. After the first successful time stopping and letting her go outside she would go to the car door and start loudly letting you know she needed out.

So far only one accident in the house as well. Since then she has so far sat, looked at me and whined until taken out. 

Currently just observe to learn the best way to go about training her. And what to train her for.


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