German Shepherd Dog

Hudson was adopted from Hong Kong Dog Rescue on January 15th, 2017, when he was just 2 months old, and is actually a mutt (we don't know his mix of breeds). He currently weighs around 25kg and is a healthy dog. He's been great as a puppy but started to develop some unwanted behaviours once he hit 6 months old. He displayed some signs of reactivity towards certain dogs, who are mostly also young males. He also has shown signs of resource guarding of water bowls, toys, and food towards dogs, which I try my best to manage. He is a somewhat anxious and unfriendly dog towards strangers and unfamiliar dogs, which I think is quite normal. 

One of my goals with Hudson is to curb his reactivity towards certain dogs, children, and sometimes strangers. I want to be able to recognize when he is uncomfortable and be able to make smart decisions to make sure he doesn't explode. My second goal is to work on his general obedience. This includes his recall, behaviour during walks, etc. My third goal, which might be the hardest one, is to curb his resource guarding towards other dogs. We sometimes go to the dog park, and it's difficult to manage this behaviour. Sometimes I outright leave the park if I know I can't manage it. Any additional tricks or behaviours such as Heeling are added bonuses. Hudson has been learning primarily through positive reinforcements methods until I stumbled upon K9-1's YouTube channel and Leerburg. We've been going through Phase 2 of training, purchased some training videos made by Leerburg, studied, and practiced. We will eventually be moving onto Phase 3 with the e-collar.  

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