American Pit Bull Terrier

Havoc is my intact male Pit Bull. He is supposedly 2 years old, however juding by his teeth he is more likely around 4 years old and has been fed the cheapest food on the shelves most of his life. Havoc is a bit of a handful. He has barrier aggression and a high fight and prey drive. His obedience is basically non-existent and he has had little to no socialization. He is a very dominant dog and a powerhouse. I have noticed however, since we established that I am his alpha (something I dont think anyone has ever done with him) he is far more receptive and affectionate. He's a bit of a cuddle bug, and behind his hardened exterior and ability to be absolutely intimadating he is a softie. I definitely am looking forward to seeing how both of us progress moving forward with this course.

My goals for Havoc include socialization, desensitizing, aggression rehabilitation, proper house breaking, obedience and eventually person protection.

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